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Contenders for the heaviest twelve?

©Mike Kipling , 2007

Upholding the 19th-century tradition of finding the heaviest gooseberry has always been of utmost priority at Egton Bridge in North Yorkshire. Now into its third century, entrants to this competition at St Hedda's Schoolroom are as enthusiastic as ever.

Gardeners enter their biggest gooseberries into one of four classes: red gooseberries, yellow ones, greens and white ones. The heaviest gooseberry is determined by an apothecary scale, measured in drams and grains.  Past record winners have weighed in at 33 drams - that's the size of a golf ball but in 2019 a new record was set at 36 drams, 12 grains.

Only members of Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Society can enter berries into the competition and subscriptions must be paid by the first Tuesday after Easter in order to enter that year’s show.  Membership of the society costs just £5 per year and if you would like to join please contact the Secretary at:




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